Another Unique Species was published in 1987, and provided one of the first attempts to analyse human evolution from the perspective of ecological and evolutionary theory. Since then, the field has moved increasingly towards a broad ecological framework for understanding how and why humans evolved, and in that sense much of what is in the book remains salient. However, empirically, methodologically, and theoretically, the subject has moved on very rapidly. Over the years I have thought about producing a second edition, but with each year the task became more and more unmanageable.

However, technology and the digital age has come to the rescue of the lazy reviser. This website provides a (free!) copy of Another Unique Species (henceforth AUS) in PDF form for those who want the original. What it also does, more actively, is to provide an html version. Rather than revise the text, what I have done is to set into the test links. Click on these and you will be taken to fresh pages that discuss how the field has developed in relation to the original text, provides updated information, discusses errors and changes, and provides a commentary or gloss on the origianl ook

Technology has given us a new means of interacting with texts as times and thoughts change; it is also a reversion to an older world, where monks put glosses in the margins of older texts. What follows here is a gloss on the past of a book, in the light of an exciting new field.